Weekly Social & SEO Updates – 2nd July

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Google’s latest spam update has landed, and soft 404s may be more harmful than you think! Read more about the latest Search Engine Optimisation updates below. 


Google’s June 2024 spam update

Google’s spam update, now live, is nothing unusual, but it’s the latest in a series of regular updates since March.

Google said: “While Google’s automated systems to detect search spam are constantly operating, we occasionally make notable improvements to how they work. When we do, we refer to this as a spam update and share when they happen on our list of Google Search ranking updates.

“For example, SpamBrain is our AI-based spam-prevention system. From time-to-time, we improve that system to make it better at spotting spam and to help ensure it catches new types of spam.”

If you do notice your rankings change in the past week, it may be related to this update, perhaps positively because your competitors were negatively impacted.

Google warns of soft 404 errors

According to Google analyst, Gary Illyes, the consequences of soft 404 errors means that these pages are not likely to show in search results, because they’re automatically filtered out during indexing.

To combat this issue Illyes recommends serving the appropriate HTTP status code when the server or client encounters an error.


Using exposed password credentials in previous data breaches, unrelated to WordPress itself, hackers have been attacking plugins.

Significant steps have been made by WordPress to combat supply chain attacks by pausing plugin updates and a forced password reset.

The WordPress announcement on the forced password reset:

“We have begun to force reset passwords for all plugin authors, as well as other users whose information was found by security researchers in data breaches. This will affect some users’ ability to interact with WordPress.org or perform commits until their password is reset.

“You will receive an email from the Plugin Directory when it is time for you to reset your password. There is no need to take action before you’re notified.”

Plugins are now reenabled, but this should serve as a reminder not to reuse passwords across multiple sites.

Social Media

Meta continues to grow strong, and LinkedIn releases new premium features that you may be interested in… 


Broadcast pages

Meta is increasing access to its Broadcast Channels to pages with more than 10,000 followers, which is fantastic news for smaller creators and business pages alike.

The Broadcast Channel feature was a tremendous success for Facebook and Messenger, and Instagram has seen a successful initial launch.

These channels are useful if you have an important update, or just want to engage with your audience. It’s almost like sending a newsletter, but to your subscribers on your social channels.

meta's continued dominance

According to data from Sensor Tower, X is nowhere to be seen at the top of the charts, and Meta’s key catalogue of apps continues to maintain their popularity, with Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp taking the first, third and fourth spots, respectively. Threads even takes the 11th spot, and Messenger takes the 10th.

This should be a reminder to all social media marketers that Meta is still very much flourishing, and you shouldn’t neglect your Instagram or Facebook pages.

Top charts for IOS and Play Store


Disappearing messages, public api and more

Threads has been testing disappearing message updates, which makes sense given the ‘instant’ and constantly updating nature of the app. It may also be to encourage users to log on to the app daily, for fear of missing posts.

However, users feel this may be a way for users to feel freer to post things in the app, without the fear of their past posts being used against them in the future.

They’ve also followed suit with X and have hidden all users’ Likes, which reduces the implied social pressure that can come with interacting with content.

Threads have also released a public API which means scheduling tools will soon be used to post on the platform.


It’s official, LinkedIn is rolling out its new Premium Company Pages offerings, to increase their subscription revenue, and of course to help advertisers enhance their pages.

But what are these premium features? Firstly, custom CTA buttons will be made available to help you generate leads. You’ll also be able to auto-invite users who engage with your company page or content.

You’ll also be able to highlight your reviews on your business profile in a brand-new section called ‘Services Showcase.’ Additionally, located close to this new section, there will be the option to feature a ‘Request Services’ custom button to help generate leads, linked back to your business page.

LinkedIn premium features info graphic

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