Media and social media management for Binley Mega Chippy​

Media and social media management for Binley Mega Chippy

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Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry experienced huge queues and a barrage of media interest when it became a viral sensation in May 2022.


With media organisations and social media influencers descending on the doorstep, as well as hordes of people travelling from far and wide to snap a picture in front of the now-famous sign – business changed dramatically overnight for Binley Mega Chippy. 

Behind the viral videos, the chippy is a family business, and it’s fair to say they were not expecting or prepared for the interest which going viral attracted. 

That’s where we were able to use our expertise and experience to help. 


We worked with the team at the chippy to help them to navigate the sudden interest from media, which included national newspapers and websites, broadcast media including BBC’s The One Show, and more.

The chippy itself wasn’t active on social media when it went viral, so we set up and managed its social profiles. This established its presence on social media and, having no website, meant the chippy team was able to communicate directly with its new online audience.

Post content included news of a merchandise line, as well as important day-to-day information such as opening hours, to help to manage visitors’ expectations.

The aim was to create a social media presence which became quickly established and could stay active after the Tik Tokers had moved on.


The social media pages which we set up for the chippy gained hundreds of followers within hours and are well on their way to becoming recognised as the official pages, amongst a number of imitations.

An overview of social media activity shows how our initial content was received:

  • Twitter – 111.5K impressions over 15 days
  • Instagram – 11,408 impressions, reached 6,064 accounts over two weeks
  • Facebook – reached 26,922 people, achieving 6,603 engagements over two weeks

Media coverage of the chippy extended far and wide, from national newspapers, news websites and broadcast, to visits from prominent YouTubers and online influencers.