Paid social media campaign for Pallet-Track

Paid social media campaign for Pallet-Track

Pallet Track's office in Wolverhampton

Brand awareness paid social campaign

Split-testing of creative

Web pixels installed


Pallet-Track, based in Wolverhampton, is one of the UK’s leading pallet networks. Pallet-Track Logistics is one of the network’s shareholder members and covers part of the Brighton area for the network.


To use paid social to increase brand awareness of Pallet-Track Logistics in the Brighton area to help support volume growth, while achieving reach and engagement among a niche audience. 


As logistics marketing specialists, we identified and developed a tailor-made paid social strategy for the campaign which included split-testing creatives to compare the effectiveness of image-led ads vs video ads.

The campaign ran for four weeks, and we used learnings from it to tweak our audiences to further optimise them for future campaigns.

We also recommended and co-ordinated the installation of pixels on the Pallet-Track website to help support future remarketing campaigns.


With a modest test budget for media spend, the campaign achieved 45,948 impressions on Facebook and 16,896 impressions on LinkedIn.

During the period in which the campaign ran, we were pleased to see that the  Pallet-Track Facebook  page received a total of 62,844 impressions and 3,331 video views.

The campaign helped to increase Pallet-Track’s reach on Facebook by 337 per cent and on Instagram by 1,500 per cent. Page visits more than doubled on Facebook, while they rose by 81 per cent on Instagram.

As a brand awareness campaign, web traffic was not a primary objective, but nonetheless we were pleased to see that the paid social ads helped to send a noteworthy spike in traffic to the website of more than 200 clicks.